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Kathryn, take care of yourself _first._ We are all indebted to you and 
your helpers for the great work you are doing. But you are much more 
important than it!


On 6/10/2011 5:38 AM, Kathryn Newell wrote:
> Just a status report on what's going on. Everything is "behind the 
> scenes". I am behind on totally finishing the digital cleanup of 
> "Flowers of the Needle". The last few pages were just so horrible-- 
> they had faded so badly that the images were barely readable and there 
> was no way to clean it up (all linear patterns).
> A good friend (who will be most gratefully thanked in my 
> Acnowledgement) loaned mer he original 1878 fascimile. I have scanned 
> in and cleaned up half of the 17 pp of this last book. Life then got 
> interesting as I faced more major surgery. I am now maniacally trying 
> to get my garden in (almost there!). It leaves me totally exhausted 
> and in pain. Seven weeks since surgery but I consider meyself recovered.
> My Web Mistress who offered to create the page is having an issue of 
> Real Life. I sent her an email a week ago offering to release her from 
> her promise. I get the feeling she has overextended herself. If she 
> accepts my offer of release, my friend Lynn  will build my basic page. 
> She can't handle loading PDFs for download. BUT-- I have had generous 
> offers from folks here. Ditto for creating a CD for "Flowers of the 
> Needle". I also need to consult Staples and other places here re CD 
> reproduction. It would be ideal if I could control the project locally.
> Lynn and I *tried* finding the rough text web page I had constructed 
> with help from my friend Mathilde. Comcast is being such a pain that I 
> intend to leave them as far as a Web page. Lynn is on AOL and they 
> stopped hosting web pages. She suggests AmeriHost. I may be taking 
> that option. Lynn can do the basic page layout and intro text. Lynn 
> owns a digital camera and has experience loading photos onto her own 
> Web page.
> I have some logistical issues with working on the last pages of 
> Flowers until after June 18th.  I will, however, be going back to work 
> on those last few pages as soon as I can squeeze in the energy and get 
> my brain around it. I'm really really annoyed that  my own work on 
> those last pages went for nought. Half of those 17 pages were charted 
> patterns--I spent hours and hoursof tedium that are now being tossed. 
> :-(  It's being replaced by more hours of tedium--but fewer. The 1878 
> originals are much clearer than my old photocopies.
> Work on the entire project is chugging along--just  much slower than I 
> had hoped for.
> Thank you for being so patient-- "Life is what  happens when you make 
> other plans..."
> --Kathryn
> SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
> "too many centuries...too little time"
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