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Mon May 2 09:52:31 PDT 2011

I'm hoping that the V&A will someday have a better set-up to let us 
see the backs of pieces, so we can know for certain.  All the pieces 
in the old textile study room were backed with cloth over wood. 
However, the evidence clearly points to tent stitch.  In addition to 
the pulling, tent stitch gives more coverage for the same amount of 
wool or silk.

I haven't found any pieces on the Met web site that aren't on display 
(so I can ask to see them) that would answer this question.  The ones 
that appear to be tent stitch that I've been able to see are attached 
to books.  They're pretty but the back isn't accessible.


>I don't have any solid knowledge re basketweave stitch. What I *can* 
>attest to is that even professionally made items, like the Bradford 
>Table Carpet, pull very badly onthe bias. I've seen it in person at 
>the V&A and was amazed (and felt much better about my own 
>needlepoint pulling, despit emy best efforst and good tools).
>A friend of mine once got to see the Oxburgh  Hangings. She said 
>they also *pulled*. If using basketweave is s upposed to prevent t 
>his (and I don't find that it does) then this may be a good 
>indication that it wasn't being used at that point?
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