[HNW] beaded pincushions

Kathryn Newell c.knewell at Comcast.net
Fri May 27 05:51:24 PDT 2011

Has anyone used a beaded pincushion? I mean one that is solidly beaded? I 
ask because I am smitten by a kit for a beaded pincushion (sewn onto cross 
stitch fabric).

It doesn't seem logical to me that you could use a beaded pincushion unless 
you slip the needles in-between the thread holding the beads I should that, 
over time, this wears out the thread and the beads break off?

I'm also interested in making myself a new needlepoint pincushion, so if 
using a beaded one is not advised, I do have a "back up plan"

Please advise.

SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries...too little time" 

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