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   Hmm.  No, I've never even heard of a solidly beaded pincushion; but your reasoning seems -- well, reasonable.  I'd be very leery of actually using such an item for the very reason that you state.  Maybe you could bead just the top piece of the pincushion and mount it as an art object?  It really doesn't sound very practical as something for everyday use.
   Havoise . . . or Ellen, or whomever she happens to be

Has anyone used a beaded pincushion? I mean one that is solidly beaded? I 
ask because I am smitten by a kit for a beaded pincushion (sewn onto cross 
stitch fabric).

It doesn't seem logical to me that you could use a beaded pincushion unless 
you slip the needles in-between the thread holding the beads I should that, 
over time, this wears out the thread and the beads break off?

I'm also interested in making myself a new needlepoint pincushion, so if 
using a beaded one is not advised, I do have a "back up plan"

Please advise.

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