[HNW] pictures of early-17th c. embroidered boxes

Cassandra L. McCraw cmccraw at uark.edu
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Do you mean the caskets? If so, you can finds pictures in "Twix Art and Nature." There is a nice picture of one on the cover...


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Can anyone please point me to a book(s) that have good pictures of these boxes, or is there perhaps someone on the list who has some very good photographs?  I am giving a program for a guild in PA that will basicailly be called "Silk - Renaissance Eye Candy" for which I want some drop-dead gorgeous slides to share.  Strangely, my own library hasn't coughed up any good pictures, so I hope someone on the list will be able to help.

Thanks so much.  If you have photos you'd be willing to share so I can make slides, I'll trade you one of the cats for the loan of them.

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