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   Ooo -- interesting indeed; but a little frustrating.  I would very much have liked to *see* more of what they do.  It's barely possible to do that by going to  www.lesage-paris.com, which is Ecole Lesage's website.  Vexingly, their site doesn't fit my screen, so the lower and right-hand edges weren't available.  They do offer classes to anyone who is even remotely interested.  Of course, you have to be *in* Paris to take them . . . <sigh> what a sacrifice.

It isn’t SCA specific, but NPR did a story today about an embroidery business in France – the House of Lesage. If you are interested in stitching, you will find it interesting.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
And, if you are a parent, you will find this quote amusing:
Lesage says years back, in good families, all the girls had to sew. "You know why?" he asks. "To occupy them not to think of the boys — it's true!"
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