[HNW] Lighting

fastusminimus cahuff at zoominternet.net
Sun Jul 1 12:58:51 PDT 2012

So I have a spiff slate frame, have a handy stand that folds up small  
for traveling.
I need a good, light weight, bright lamp that clamps on. Batteries  
preferred as most sites that are dim also have few or no outlets.

I found a 2 LED book light at WallyWorld, which works, but I'm still  
on the hunt for perfect and am wondering if y'all have had this issue?

The book light is pretty discrete, and since the 'Period' solution, a  
nice brite window is so not portable, I'm going with the 'Elven  
Magic®' solution. <VBG>


Of the craftsmen it may be said that in the handiwork of their craft  
is their prayer.

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