[Hellsgate] Polling tonight!

SoldierGrrrl soldier.grrrl at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 06:36:08 PST 2010

Good morning,

Tonight is the polling for the new B&B for BG. If you cannot be there,
PLEASE write the crown and let them know your thoughts.  PLEASE.  Read
the candidates' pages, email them, ask those of us who might know them
what we think.  I know Eirik has talked to several of them, as has
Mel.  I'm sure the Crown will be taking opinions for the next few
days, so don't feel that if you can't decide by tonight, you shouldn't
say anything.


This isn't just a random set of people you'll never really see.
They're going to be our B&B and it's important.

Polling information is also on the Candidates' page.

PLEASE take a few minutes to look it over and give input.

Thank you!
In Service to Country and Crown,
Lady Helene Dalassene

"Whatever their fond sentiments for men and women in uniform, for most
Americans the war remains an abstraction – a distant and unpleasant
series of news items that do not affect them personally."- Robert
Gates, Secretary of Defense.

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