[Hellsgate] weekend summmary

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We would also like to THANK everyone. 

There were so many things we enjoyed at the Yule. We talked for hours after; about all the dancing, eating, music, socializing and much more..... 

We are slowly coming back and we feel this is a great place for Thom and I and our daughters. They can contribute some wonderful things to our group.

As a family we are still learning about the SCA so any NEWBY info you would like to share would be great!!

Thanks for having us and making us feel so welcome!!!

~The Conley Family!

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I just wanted to add our thanks.  Was great to see everyone and so wonderful
to watch as Hellsgate grows to being not just an idea that some people had,
but is now a viable, active, enthusiastic group of people.  You guys work
your rear ends off and should be so very proud of yourselves for what you
have accomplished.  I know I am more proud of you all than I can say.

Thank you all for being you.  Here's to many more wonderful Yule revels with

Lord Hellsgate ~grin~

On Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 9:34 AM, Ruiz <ruizhorde at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I was so tired after this weekend that I am just now saying my thanks to
> the
> people who worked so hard this weekend.
> First off Yule was so fun!!! I think I talked all night. I had planned on
> dancing an I talked right through it, I planned on stealing in the
> Christmas
> exchange an once again I talked through it, and yes I talked through the
> raffle
> until everyone yelled at me. I did manage to eat however (no surprise
> there).
> There was so much good food!!!!
> We were blessed to have Gaston there playing music and so many other people
> from
> Bryn Gwlad.
> It seemed people really like the masque ball idea and asked to keep the
> theme
> going next year.
> Kat you and your crew did a wonderful job and if I forgot to tell you that
> Saturday please forgive me...(I was probably talking)!
> I would like also to think Timur!! When I took the office of Hospitaler
> he came
> along for the ride. This Sunday I know he was tired and really would of
> liked to
> stayed at home to rested and worked on his boot but instead he went out and
> worked  with Stephen on some body mechanics. You are so supportive of me
> and
> this group and if I haven't told you how much I appreicate you I am sorry.
> (I
> was probably talking)
> The last thank you is to the people who come out regularly on Thursday's
> and
> Sunday's, thank you for supporting our group. You make Hellsgate strong!
> You are
> the ones who inspire me to get up and go even on the days that it is hot or
> cold
> or windy. Your dedication to Hellsgate makes me work harder as hospitaler
> and
> proud to say where I am from.
> Thanks,
> Mel
> Now get back to work
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