[Hellsgate] Yule

Jennifer Hartlove jmhartlove at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 1 08:46:40 PDT 2010

Hi all,

For the Yule Masquerade contact e-mail is jmhartlove at yahoo.com for questions or 
RSVP's.  We would like to know how many people are coming and what everyone is 
bringing to add to the feast table so that we can ensure that there is enough 
food and drinks for all and we don't end up with 20 veggie trays!

Here is a brief rundown of the Yule information in case anyone missed it on the 
first go-around.  

When: 04 December 2010 6:00pm to 11:30 pm
Where:  National Guard Drill Hall in Killeen (3101 W.S. Young Dr. Killeen Tx, 
What:  A Yule Masquerade Ball.  If you don't have a costume don't worry about 
it, come and have fun anyways.  We would like this event to portray the Holiday 
Spirit, and not to cause anyone undue stress.
Site Fee: Bring finger food to add to the buffet table, as well as a donation of 
non-spoilable food to be donated to Helping Hands.  We will also have a donation 
jar present if you wish to support Hellsgate.
Fun and Games: 
White Elephant Gift Exchange - bring a wrapped SCA-type item if you wish to 
participate in this gift exchange.  There will be a two-steal limit on each 
Children's Gifts - If you bring a child, please bring a wrapped gift for your 
child labeled with his or her name.  The children will be able to open these 
gifts during the ball.  I have heard rumors that St. Nicholas may show up.
Raffle - Each attendee will receive one raffle ticket for free.  If you wish to 
better your chances of winning the raffle, additional tickets will be available 
to be purchased for $1.00 each.

-meat dishes: Pomes Dorryles, Rabbit in Cyrup, Meat pies, Cubed Chicken
- vegetable dishes: 
- bread dishes: crackers
- fruit dishes: Peeres in Confyt, cranberry salsa
- desserts: Period wedding cake, homemade candies

Hippocras, Spiced Cider

So far, this is what we have, when the rest of y'all RSVP, please also let me 
know what you can bring for the buffet table.   If you can do something period, 
that is great, but it is not required.  We are also trying to keep to finger 
foods to avoid the need for flatware.  

Assistance needed: 
Decorations: If you have some garlands or other Holiday ornaments which we can 
borrow to help us decorate the Drill Hall, that would be most helpful.  We are 
especially looking to borrow a Christmas tree that we can put the children's 
gifts under.
Set-up: will begin at 4:00 pm.
Gate: we would like volunteers to accept the food donations for Helping Hands, 
pass out site tokens, and welcome guests to the ball, and babysit the donation 
Buffet: we would like volunteers to make sure the buffet table is kept neat and 
to refill or wash the dishes as needed. 

Drunk Watch:  since the site is slightly wet, we are asking for volunteers to 
make sure no one gets too far into their cups.  If someone is making a horse's 
behind of themselves, the Drunk Watch will be in charge of helping them remove 
themselves from the site.
Break-down: will begin at 11:30 pm or shortly before. 

Here is a brief explanation of historical masquerade balls:
Masquerade Balls originated as celebrations of Carneval, the festive season just 
before Lent.  Carneval is still celebrated in Europe to this day.  The 
Masquerade Balls of the 15th and 16th century were very very elaborate and could 
include triumphal processions, pageants, and celebrations of marriages and other 
important court events.

In service to the (no-longer incipient) Stronghold of Hellsgate,
Adallind of Hellsgate 
aka Jen "blinking and wondering how I became the Assistant Event Steward for 
Yule" Hartlove


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