[Hellsgate] Yule potluck, toys, etc

Jennifer Hartlove jmhartlove at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 8 20:17:37 PST 2010

Helena, since I don't believe any strictly kosher jews have RSVP'd as of yet, 
bacon in the cheese goo is a GO!

Helena came up with the brilliant idea to also collect toys at the Yule event, 
which will subsequently be donated to Toys for Tots.  So, if anyone would like 
to bring an unwrapped toy, rather than food, that would be most welcome.  Daria, 
can you please update the website to reflect this?

So far we have 40 people RSVP'd for the Yule Ball, so please keep inviting your 

I have been asked to get this information out so we know who's all bringing what 
to Yule.  Daria, if you can somehow add this to the website so people can access 
it without wading through their entire e-mail, that would be great!

Pomes Dorryles - Kat
Connyges in Cyrup - Barney
Meat Pies - Mel
Cubed Chicken - Ryan
Pork loin - Liam
Chicken Wings - Conley family

Veggie tray - Keyna

Bread and toppings:
Crackers - Johney
Chips - Conley Family
Cheese Goo - Helena
Dip - Conley Family
Cranberry salsa - Johney

Homemade Candy - Johney
Period Wedding Cakes - Daria (and Ken too)
Peeres in Confit - Addallinda (aka Jen who never spells her name the same way 
Zucchini/pumpkin/banana bread - Rena

Hippocras - Kat
Spiced Cider - Kat

and a partridge in a pear tree ...


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