[Hellsgate] Farewell (for now)

Andy adhoeffler at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 18 14:00:02 PST 2010

To the populous of the stronghold,


I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to formally thank all of you for
your hospitality and warm acceptance of me as a de facto member.  


>From the day I arrived in Killeen to my fall clinical residency, to last
Sunday’s fighter practice, I have experienced nothing but the friendship and
sense of family that I love about the SCA.  As I often say to newcomers, the
best part of the SCA is: I have friends anywhere I go, even if I haven’t met
them yet.  


I often use the word “family” when I refer to the society, because that’s
what we are. We’re a very large family. We’re a sometimes dysfunctional
family. Like family, we sometimes don’t always get along, but we all have
the dream in common and are somehow able to hold it together in spite of our
differences.  For my part, I truly love my family, and am always happy to
meet and welcome members I haven’t met yet. 


Although I probably won’t have cause to be in this immediate area for an
extended time again, there is a possibility that I may be in San Antonio for
a couple of months in the spring.  If so, you can bet that you’ll be seeing
more of me.  Otherwise, I look forward to seeking you out at Gulf Wars when
I am once again able to go.  I’ll enjoy sharing a bottle of mead around the
campfire with any of you  in the future. 


Until good fortune returns me to your good company, I remain:


Yours in Service,


Seigneur Gefroi le Gris (Andy)

Protégé to Mistress Odindisa Eaglesdottir

Duty-Sworn to Hus Dagensfeld

Service-Sworn to all


P.S. I plan on going to the social this evening, so stop by to give me a

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