[Hellsgate] Candlemas Merchants

Magdalena "Dena" Cortez pancua at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 07:38:05 PST 2010

Good morning Bryn Gwlad and Hellsgate!

I've had a couple of people express an interest to merchant at Candlemas in

While I would love to assist with your merchanting, there are a couple of
factors to keep in mind.

1) Feb can be unpredictable at best and I would hate to have anyone be
frozen/goods ruined in case of bad weather. Please feel free to come
prepared and opt out day of if you chose.
2) A period pavilion will not be able to be erected because the courtyard is
really too small for even the smallest of pavilions once we include stakes
and ties. With the exception of the ground immediately around the large tree
in the middle of the courtyard, the entire area is made of stone pavers. I
think Georgetown might have a word or two for us should we drive stakes into
it. :) If you wanted to bring a pop up, however, that would be acceptable
just as long as it is not attached to anything.
3) There are two entries/exit to the courtyard. One from where Gate will be
set up and one from the main hall itself. The one by gate is usually locked
and not open to the general public due to traffic concerns next to where the
Treasurer does count outs. Either way though, neither of the entrances can
be blocked per fire code.
4) Depending on the needs of the classes, you may have to share space with
instructor(s) and anyone participating for a short time.

These are all past issues we have come across while doing events at the
Georgetown site and resolutions we've come up with at that time. If you
would like to discuss an alternative, I am all ears! Please contact me off
list so we can discuss. :)

Thank you!

In humble service to The Barony of  Bryn Gwlad,

Lady Magdelena "Dena" Cortez
MKA Katy Hendrick
Cell: 512-585-4172

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