[Hellsgate] candidates for Baron and Baroness

Ruiz ruizhorde at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 26 17:44:56 PST 2010

We will not have an opportunity to gather as a group again before the polling 
for the new Baron and Baroness. I can not stress how important it is for 
everyone in this group to attend and poll. I and Timur, Helene and Liam was at 
the question and answer secession and listened to what each set of candidates 
had to say. I had a list of 6 questions all in regards to the Stronghold which I 
was able to ask 1 to each candidate.. I am willing to meet everyone at Pizza Hut 
in Belton at 3pm tomorrow (Saturday) to discuss what each candidate talked 
about. We were planning in going to Homestead Heritage but this is far too 
important to our group. You might think,  I don't know any of the candidates so 
what does it matter? It matters a lot!!!! Two sets of candidate by the way they 
answered didn't know much or anything about us. None of the candidates included 
Hellsgate in their opening statements. I am not in any way supporting any 
candidate in this discussion it is only a passing on of information. We should 
also discuss carpooling on Wednesday for the polling.
Tee & Serena, Ken & Patty, Charles and Sarah, Johney and family, Hothey and 
Betty, Jenn and Rhyan and everyone else. I hope to see you there!



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