[Hellsgate] Austin's Tuesday night fighter practice

Ruiz ruizhorde at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 27 15:12:15 PST 2010

I wanted to make sure all fighter saw this posting that was on Bryn Gwlad list. 
We have spoken about showing our support for Austin's Tuesday nights fighter 
practice and this is a great chance for all fighters and Stronghold members. I 
encourage everyone to attempt to make it up to Austin on Tuesday nights as much 
as they can. 

Knight school is a wonderful thing for newer fighters!!

Greetings Brothers, friends and countrymen,

Well, the "meet the candidates" is out of the way and TE Bryn Gwlad are 
graciously allowing me to organize this event to occur during the normal 
Populace in the Park calender slot ...
What - Knight School
When - Tuesday November 30 starting at 7:30 PM
Where - In central Austin at Patterson Park, across from the Blondie Pharr 
Tennis Center at Airport Blvd. and Wilshire Blvd. About 1/2 mile east of I-35 on 
Airport Blvd., turn south onto Wilshire Blvd. We practice on the open, lighted 
tennis courts there. There are bathroom facilities available and a drinking 
fountain not too far away. 

Bonus Activities - HL Jean-Marie has generously volunteered to provide a 
hospitality table for water and even hot drinks (cider, cocoa)

For those few who do not know what this is, Knight School, begun a few years ago 
by our own Sir Giotto, is a practice run a few times a year in Austin dedicated 
to structured instruction of the unbelted authorized fighters by the Knights. 
The format shifts from time to time. This time it will include dividing up the 
attending fighters into groups of perhaps 4 to 6 people who will work together 
for 30 minutes or so.  The knights will offer instruction, a chance to practice 
with direct feedback, and reenforcement of proper technique and perhaps 
direction on further training as applicable.

And the heavy fighters will allow the Knights the honor of letting us pay 
forward for all advice, instruction and encouragement that we have gotten from 
our forebears. 

These are always very well attended.  And there is a rumor, mind you though, 
just a rumor, that the King will show up too.
If you have any questions, please e-mail me at 

ysfael at aol.com
Thank you,
Ysfael, KSCA, CSSA


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