[Hellsgate] Announcement

Susan Scott gwenneth40 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 20:08:27 PDT 2010

To the populace of Hellsgate:

We very much regret to announce that due to mundane issues we will be
resigning as Baron and Baroness at Candlemas.

We have informed the Crown and their Heirs of our decision, as well as
the seneschals from local to kingdom.  Based on these conversations,
we have worked out a timeline for the succession.  We are required to
make an official announcement in the local newsletter and allow 30
days from the publication date for candidates to announce their
candidacy.  However, the next Halberd will come out in early November,
pushing the deadline to early December.  What with having candidates
speak to the populace, polling of the populace, and candidate
interviews with the Crown, this would leave, at most, four weeks for
the Crown to make a decision.  We feel that our Heirs should have more
time to prepare for their new roles so we have proposed the following

There will be a special edition of the Halberd to be published no
later than one week from tonight, October 18.  This will contain only
the required boilerplate and our announcement concerning our stepping
down and the deadline for candidates.

That deadline will be Thursday, November 18.  The following week, the
candidates will address the populace with their plans for the barony.
This is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday night Fighter
Practice/Populace in the Park on November 23, unless an indoor venue
can be found for that Monday or the following Monday.  Wednesday,
November 24, is the day before Thanksgiving, so we do not think it is
a feasible alternative.

Polling of the populace will be the week after Thanksgiving, again
tentatively at Tuesday night Fighter Practice/Populace in the Park on
November 30, pending approval of the Regional Seneschal.

Crown interviews with candidates will occur at Stargate Yule Revel on
December 4.  This will allow over two months for the Crown to make a
decision and for our successors to prepare for their new

The deadline for candidates, November 18, will be published in the
special edition of the Halberd.  The rest of the schedule will be
finalized and published in the regular November issue.

We encourage anyone considering candidacy to speak with us.  We will
be available in the days to come to answer any questions.  Thank you
for your patience and support.

Gwenneth and Avery
Baroness and Baron of Bryn Gwlad

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