[Hellsgate] Good morning to the list

Ruiz ruizhorde at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 31 07:34:49 PDT 2010

Good Morning Hellsgate,

Congratulations to the Stronghold of Hellsgate and to all the new holders of the 
sable comet. 

Helene does a wonderful job of letting people know they and their hard work is 
what made the group a success. Everyone worked hard and gave of their time so we 
could put a much needed group back in this area.  

I am excited to see us grow and to meet the newer members as they come into 

Now however the real work begins. We have two events coming up, the first is the 
Yule. It is a masque ball and Kat is working hard to make sure we all have fun. 
I encourage everyone to come if they can and support her efforts and to eat. If 
you are concerned about not having a costume please don't because you don't have 
to wear one. This is about getting together with friends and making new friends. 
Get with Kat about helping as we will need people to help set up and then to 
take down.
The second event is in the spring. This is our first local event and we will 
need all hands on deck for this one. This event will differ from the yule 
because as members of Hellsgate you will help run the event. Some of the newer 
people have not been involved with hosting an event and have no idea of the jobs 
that will need to be done. So here is a short list. 

1. Setting up site, this can include putting up the list field, setting up gate, 
etc. etc. etc.
2. Running gate, Adrain will have a schedule of times needed for people to sign 
up for and all time slots need to be filled
3. During the day we will need marshals, list mistress, water bearers, kitchen 
help, and people available to help with what the steward needs
4. Break down, everything that is put up needs to come down and the area policed 
to leave it cleaner than we found it.
Local events are hard work but lots of fun and I look forward to our first one. 
If you don't know what you can do to help at any of our events get with the 
steward and ask what you can do. Believe me there is always something that needs 
I want to encourage everyone to attend populace and fighter practice. This is 
where you will get the information you need. I have heard people say I didn't 
know about that. So attend populace and practice so you don't miss out on 
important information.The list isn't active enough to rely on for information 
and the web page isn't going to talk about what food people are bring to an 

Fighter practice isn't just about fighting it also used as communication and the 
bigger our group is at the park the more impressive we look and that draws 
attention. So come out even if you don't fight.
Talking about our Hellsgate list, every ones opinion counts, so if a question 
comes across the list please respond to it. The last question posted resulted in 
maybe three responses. I heard people say I don't care, or I am just going to be 
quiet well, that's OK but post it. Other wise it looks like only three people 
run things and that isn't the fact. Our group is spread really wide so the list 
is a communication tool that we aren't using effectively. Don't be afraid to 
answer questions or to post your own questions or comments. If your kid made the 
honor roll post it or it you won a championship at an event post it. The more we 
know about each other the strong the group will be.
I hope this helps the newer people to the group and maybe some older ones also.
The last thing....I promise.... is I am looking at Nov. 14Th to hold a goodbye 
party for Andy and to welcome all new people to our group (OK and maybe to 
celebrate my Birthday). I will do this at the park at fighter practice. Their 
will be food of coarse. I will post more information about it a little later. If 
you are interested in bring food items or helping please let me know (you could 
use the list) so I can plan accordingly.

Hospitaler gone mad this morning,



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