[Hellsgate] Good morning to the list

Ronald Blackman eirik at hot.rr.com
Sun Oct 31 09:30:07 PDT 2010

> The second event is in the spring. This is our first local event and we
> will
> need all hands on deck for this one. This event will differ from the yule
> because as members of Hellsgate you will help run the event. Some of the
> newer
> people have not been involved with hosting an event and have no idea of
> jobs
> that will need to be done. So here is a short list.

Don't feel that you can't do something because you are new and haven't done
it before. There are several people in this group that have been around and
worked putting on an event. All you have to do is be willing to try and
people will be there to help show you what needs to be done.

Eirik Halfdanarson

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