[Hellsgate] Aug 13th Hotter than Hell Event in Salado

dawn dawnwest at hot.rr.com
Mon Aug 1 16:23:40 PDT 2011

Greetings to the Lists!

Here is the current schedule for the Hotter than Hell Event Aug 13th in

We are still in need of  volunteers for water bearers, volunteers for troll,
volunteers to bring furniture and other items to add ambiance, and
participants for the event.  

I may be in need of list field for the tourneys as well.  The group that had
volunteered theirs has not answered my emails and as such I am looking now
to ensure one will be available.  I am looking for a minimum field of 30x30.

Can anyone help?  Are there any volunteers?   

In addition, if those who can find it in their hearts to assist in setup and
break down before and after the event would give of their time to help, I
would be most grateful for the hand.

Here is the schedule:

07:00 Site Set Up
0930: Armor Inspection with Don Dore' and Lady Helena
0930-10:00: A&S set up
10-11 Youth Activities Make a period board game to take home
10:00: Rapier Tourney
11-12 Youth Activity Period Gaming
11:00 Heavy Tourney
12:00 Light drinks and fruit/veggie/Harem Tea Tent with Lady Kat
13:00-14:00 Youth Activities Kubb
13:00 Bardic Competition with Lord GoldWerde
14:00-15:00 Youth Activities Water Games (parents are asked to bring extra
garb for their kids, if they want to participate).
14:00 Stick Weaving with Aryan (Linda Young)
14:00-1600 Heraldic Decision Meeting for the June Internal Letter of Intent
15:00 Kumihimo (sp) with Lady Johanna (Steph Kohan)
16:00 Military Battle Analysis and historical battle review with Robert
Westrymmen (Robert West)
17:00 Feast
18:00 Court
19:00 Open floor for Bardic entertainers
21:00: Site Clean up
The classes from 10 to Noon will be part of the Page School and I will have
badges to hand out to the kids who are participating. For more information,
you can check out the Page School website at http://children.ansteorra

I hope to see many of you there!
In Joyful Service,
(Dawn West)

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