[Hellsgate] Hotter Than HellsGate Event Aug 13 in Salado

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Tue Aug 2 15:31:36 PDT 2011

Greetings once more the lists!

It has been brought to my attention by Lord Liam that I may have offended
the populace by my posting :Hotter than Hell: instead of "Hotter Than
HellsGate".  Please accept my apologies at this time for the offense.  It
has never been my intention to offend any of you in this manner and have
made the immediate correction.  

This being said........

...........the ground shakes the hot wrot iron gates with the thundering
arrival of an advanced party of fierce fighters, artisans, spoon armed cooks
 accompanied by the pounding of drums and musical cadences................

Your humble servants of the Stronghold of Hell's Gate, for the the joy and
brotherhood of the Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra, will host the beating of
the heat, Hotter Than HellsGate (in Salado) August 13th 2011. 

This event will be a HOT event, nay a Hotter Than HellsGate event! This
event will leave the rest smoking, burning, yearning for more.....and yes
Sweaty sweaty WET and Steamy! This event will be for the bravest, most
courageous, the... Stickiest... Sweaters, the slipperiest swords, the most
talented sweat towel makers and weavers, the hardiest of drummers, and the
boldest young minds who believe they too have what it takes to hold back the
cursed chaos, the most horrible of hordes, the most un noble of souls, as
only those with the strength of character can hold fast the horrible hot
gate of the most feared and untamed.

Be ye weak of heart, the Victors of Hells Gate have the skill, the chivalry,
and the nobility to protect you, aid, and keep you safe, for Hell's Gate is
a hardened hot and daunting service that will test the very depths of
commitment and... Attention to skill that has ever been presented to mankind
 Hot and fiery as the task is, through the fire, the truest and most noble
of character, the purest of intent, the strongest of faith, will find
themselves transformed!

With the greatest of courage and to the service of our brilliant kingdom, I
am ever pleased to announce:

Lady Helena of the Incipient Stronghold of Hell's Gate will ice the heat as
Heavy Marshal

Lady Brigit of the Incipient Stronghold of Hell's Gate at her side as List

Don Dore of the Barony of Bryn Gwald will skewer the sweat at Rapier

Mistress Melicina of the Incipient Stronghold of Hell's Gate nurtures the
most beautiful of flames for a colorful Arts and Sciences Competition

Lady Kat of the Incipient Stronghold of Hell's Gate feeds the flames a
middle eastern palate of perfect delights

Lady Johanna of the Incipient Stronghold of Hell's Gate teaches the embers
to flame in the art of Kumihimo braiding all while she organizes the day
full of Arts and Science classes to learn and enlighten the embers of the

Master Arian whose passion for fiery fashion sense will direct how to flame
your steed with a horse capirison.

Young CJ will enlighten those who new cover with a directive on the making
of Danish tunic!

Arian who travels the Kingdom from afar arrives to light the embers of flame
to the art of Stick Weaving

Robert of the Incipient Stronghold of Hell's Gate will hold a battle
analysis and strategy of one of the most horrendous and trying wars of the

The young embers of the Kingdom will be well mentored and directed by a
special hosting of a Minister of Children,  Lady Cait O'Hara

Lord Ioannes of the Stronghold of Hell's Gate will with the grace of the
most captivating of word, Herald their Excellencies pleasure and presence.

Lord Goldwerde will host the beauty of the Bardic competition for the palate
of the musical and elegant mind.


And I, Aubeline, will have the the spit of the dragon to snuff the fires
that would consume the good and gracious peoples who have answered the call
to join our humble and fortified Stronghold where champions will prevail as
the Phoenix from the ashes here at the Hell's Gate. 

Alas, I come to you people with an open and needing heart. Thus, who will
listen and answer the call for

Water Bearers to offer liquid that will quench the most parched of our noble
fighters and supporters?

Teachers to bring skill and technique to those who know the art or science
of the day would enrich?

Performers who will, at the end of the battle and nourishing of the body
would give to the weary soul of those who ache for the emergence of laughter
and tear?

Banners, Chairs, and Tables for the field and hall where the weary may rest
and fearless may find sanctuary while awaiting our glorious and radiant
representatives of the crown?

As I am so often blinded by the great flames we keep gated, if eyes such as
yours, the generous and most noble of souls in the Stronghold may so, with
reasonable and cooler vision see another need and would be, with haste,
communicate and inform, know your words will be welcomed and received to
enrich the lives of all who will soon bravely fight and support the holding
of the Gates of this Hell. So if you would like to volunteer to fill a need
or for another great enrichment for the event.....Welcome Welcome Welcome! I
am here awaiting your word!

07:00 Site Set Up

0930: Armor Inspection with Don Dore' and Lady Helena

0930-10:00: A&S set up

10-11 Youth Activities Make a period board game to take home

10:00: Rapier Tourney

11-12 Youth Activity Period Gaming

11:00 Heavy Tourney

11:00 Make a horse Capirison with Mistress Ariella

12:00 Light drinks and fruit/veggie/Harem Tea Tent with Lady Kat

13:00-14:00 Youth Activities Kubb

13:00 Bardic Competition with Lord GoldWerde

14:00-15:00 Youth Activities Water Games (parents are asked to bring extra
garb for their kids, if they want to participate).

14:00 Stick Weaving with Arian (Linda Young)

14:00-1600 Heraldic Decision Meeting for the June Internal Letter of Intent

15:00 Kumihimo (sp) with Lady Johanna (Steph Kohan)

16:00 Military Battle Analysis and historical battle review with Robert

Westrymmen (Robert West)

17:00 Feast

18:00 Court

19:00 Open floor for Bardic entertainers

21:00: Site Clean up

The classes from 10 to Noon will be part of the Page School and I will have
badges to hand out to the kids who are participating. For more information,
you can check out the Page School website at http://children.ansteorra


In Joyful Service,

Aubeline (Hotter than HellsGate autocrat)

(Dawn West)

Website - http://hellsgate.ansteorra.org/hotter.html

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