[Hellsgate] Hood Howdy here we come!!!

Ruiz ruizhorde at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 3 21:05:35 PDT 2011

I know there is a lot of people on this list so I want to take a moment to brag 
about our newest couple. Lord Eric and his lovely wife joined our group three 
weeks ago and right away jumped in to help with our event. Alexandria took on 
the water bearer table although she has never done it before and has done an 
outstanding job of getting things ready. She has brought us fresh ideas and our 
steward is very happy. I asked Lord Eric if he would check into Hood Howdy for 
me and tonight at populace brought back information for the Stronghold. We are 
scheduled for the Feburary Hood Howdy but even better than that the gentleman 
gave him half a table for tomorrow. Yes you heard me correctly tomorrow......so 
if you are availiable come join us at Club Hood around 10am. I am so excited to 
have this chance. 

Thank you again to the both of you. I think I am voting you best newcomers to 
Hellsgate of the year. 
Hugs Hugs and Thanks again.
P.S. Thank you Robert who is getting me on base tomorrow so I want have to go 
through the process of getting that pass thinngy. 


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