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What is great is SSG Shtina Love with BOSS caught me as we were leaving
and gave me her card! She might come out tonight because one she is interested and two she thinks this is a great outlet for the single soldiers.
Great contacts today! Come tonight if you can so I can fill you in on it all!!!


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We may want to consider a full on demo. With fighting and all at the next one. I am SURE there are people like me thare trying to find the local group every time we pcs. Or better still knowing about the society but not exactly what it is and whare to find it. Post is a HUGE untaped resource. Just think the howdy is just the married people who go. NOT the single soilders or married ones who do go to those kinds of things. (I know I NEVER did) 
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Hood Howdy was a sucess today! We handed out over 90 flyers, talked to what seemed like 100's and had about 10 people give us there contact information. We are already on the list for Feburary and plans are being made to how we are going to handle it. 
Thanks to the people who came out and supported Hellsgate it was a long day but very satisfying.
I believe this was the best advertisment/demo for the Stronghold. I can't even tell you how many times someone approached us and said they have played the SCA in____________.  We also heard several times my husband is deployed but he wants to do this and I can't wait to tell him there is a group in the area.
Hopefully we will see growth from this one day over the next year as husbands return. We did try to convince the wives not to wait for there husband to come out now.
Thanks Eric for making the call!!
Thank you Robert for getting me through the gate.
I appreicate you all.
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