[Hellsgate] Winter Crown Bid?

dawn dawnwest at hot.rr.com
Sun Aug 7 14:22:45 PDT 2011


1.  The enthusiasm is fantastic.
2.  How many individual tasks or group tasks can be managed by the deadline?
3.  What benefits will our Stronghold receive for taking on this
4.  Do the benefits outweigh the burdens and responsibility?  (This is
important as it will have to be the driving force to keep everyone motivated
with purpose to tend to the tasks needed and the additional taskings
volunteered for)
5.  How many volunteers  can we currently predict will we have
(time/materials/desire) to take on the responsibilities to the completion of
this event that reside in our own Stronghold?
6.  How many volunteers can we currently predict will have the ability
(time/materials/desire) to assist us that reside outside our Stronghold, AND
will not be abused and overextended when we call upon them once again to
serve?  (This is important as abuse of those who give and give and give is a
personal responsibility on our Stronghold to not over extend our welcome,
nor to take advantage of those who give selflessless on a repetitive basis. 
After all, we should take care of our own...this extends to all those who
are SCA)
7. Is the teaching and instructional force in the Stronghold, IE our Laurels
 our A & S participants, our officers, and those who have any level of skill
in creating ambiance and the material structures to include feast willing
and able (time/materials/desire) to bring others into their personal lives
to mentor and guide these others to a level of performance that will be able
to contribute to this event by the deadline?  (This is important as those
who lead cannot take on the sole responsibility and those who do not know
need to be brought up to speed so they too can participate.)
8.  What is the overall goal of the Stronghold?  If our group is politically
motivated and goal orientated......  If our group is educationally and
detail orientated...... If our group is retention and recruitment orientated
.....  If our group is participation motivated......  If our group is
nurturing orientated....          How will doing this event benefit and take
the Stronghold to our goal and thus truly reflecting and hosting in a manner
that is the Stronghold of Hells Gate.
9.  Can we put aside personal issues, interpersonal issues, and all other
issues to work together as a group effort, a team of one Stronghold under
the Stellar Star of Ansteorra?  If we are not there yet,...can we so prepare
 mentor, and develop this quickly so we can do so in generous time prior to
the deadline of the event production?

I see many questions and have many solutions to work on and offer.   

I, personally feel, I am in need of more class instruction on the creation
of items to feel confident in my completed items if they are to be used on
or at an event of any scale.    I feel I need more mentorship and direction
on the protocalls and ethics or leading and organizing of events.  I feel I
need more volunteers to lend a helping and building hand in my little black
book to call on.   I feel I need more time to adequately attend and
participate in the learning process.  I feel I need more physical endurance
to take on more tasks at this time.   

If the bid is placed, if the bid is taken, I will assist as best I can. 
This is not an empty blanket statement, but it is clearly stated that I can
only give as best I can.  My best is not the same today as it will be
tomorrow.  With the Fall semester in college starting, my daughter's
predicted return home to Fort Hood from Iraq, my son's upcoming deployment
to Afghanistan, my husband's new assignment to a new standing bridgade, my
needed care for my little zoo, and the attention requirments for travel to
tend to my aging parents (Dad is now 82, grandmother is 95) I find each day
a challenge to creatively give to the Stronghold.  I will however, do my
part to the best of my ability if called upon unless my husband trumps my
position, or my other responsibilities are found to have a higher priority.

In Joyful Service,
As to the bidding on Winter Crown;

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