[Hellsgate] Rapier loaner equipment

Joe Simmons esimmons001 at hot.rr.com
Wed Aug 24 06:17:40 PDT 2011

I know and understand how both you and Robert feel about the SCA, and I also 
understand how the two of you are because my lady and I are similiar.  If 
you say or volunteer to do something you do it. Because of who you are you 
believe everyone is like that. However, this is not true of all people, and 
in most cases they do fully intend to do what they said, and then life 
happens and like Kat said it gets back burnenered.  It's not because they 
are bad people or don't care, it just happens. After all we don't know what 
has been happening in thei lives since they volunteered.  I know for example 
if I volunteered to do something and something happened to my Dad, as much 
as I love the SCA it would be back-burnenred.  So Please, please don't let a 
few people ruin what is a wonderful past-time.  Lynn and I truly look 
forward to seeing you guys.  We recognize that you see the "Dream" of the 
SCA not only in the society but also outside in the mundane world.
Also, you don't have to try to do everything, sometimes its OK not to 
volunteer and just have fun. No one will think less of you if occasionally 
you or Robert just say sorry, we have too much on our plate.  Trust me an 
occasional break from volunteering and moving and shaking  just to have fun 
in the SCA is really good, and avoid burn-out.  So don't take a sabatical 
from the Group, but step back fom the "i'll do it" for a bit.  Concentrate 
on what you guys want to do in the SCA and let others pick up the ball.
So please don't get frustrated with a few people or the group...remember 
this is for fun.
So hopefully I will see both of you at Fighter Practice Thursday.

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> Dawn
> I am sorry you feel that way. We love ya'll and all the help you offer to
> the goup. Please don't let the little things get under your skin. If you 
> are
> able to find rapier gear that will be to the good of the please bring the
> information to populace. With any group there is "i'm gonnas" and even 
> with
> good intentions it get lost miss placed or back burnered. So if you are 
> able
> to help us get from i'm gonna to I did please do so. I will help where I 
> can
> as the path I am walking will allow.
> With love in my heart and concern for my friend please try not to get to
> flustered with the group.
> Kat
> On Aug 23, 2011 11:43 PM, "dawn" <dawnwest at hot.rr.com> wrote:
> Tonight at PIP there were several meetings that kept me from being able to
> get with Don Dore' to consult on ordering our loaner rapier equipment.
> Adrian approached me and was quite distressed over the gate signup sheet 
> for
> Hotter than Hell and is now working on the sheet for the next event to 
> avoid
> issues.  (good idea)  Adrian also made me aware that he was working the
> loaner rapier equipment.  At this time, I feel it's best I back out of 
> that
> task.  I am quite tired of all the lack of communication and taskings not
> getting done.  It is best if I simply set this task down and ask all to
> continue supporting Adrian to finish this task.
> Robert and I will try to make PIP on the Thursday, however with the events
> of this evening, we are feeling a strong need for a long sabatical.  Will
> see yall when we see you.
> Dawn
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