[Hellsgate] Rapier loaner equipment

Keyna keyna at hot.rr.com
Wed Aug 24 17:31:16 PDT 2011

I agree with joe 100%

On 8/24/2011 8:17 AM, Joe Simmons wrote:
> Dawn,
> I know and understand how both you and Robert feel about the SCA, and 
> I also understand how the two of you are because my lady and I are 
> similiar.  If you say or volunteer to do something you do it. Because 
> of who you are you believe everyone is like that. However, this is not 
> true of all people, and in most cases they do fully intend to do what 
> they said, and then life happens and like Kat said it gets back 
> burnenered.  It's not because they are bad people or don't care, it 
> just happens. After all we don't know what has been happening in thei 
> lives since they volunteered.  I know for example if I volunteered to 
> do something and something happened to my Dad, as much as I love the 
> SCA it would be back-burnenred.  So Please, please don't let a few 
> people ruin what is a wonderful past-time.  Lynn and I truly look 
> forward to seeing you guys.  We recognize that you see the "Dream" of 
> the SCA not only in the society but also outside in the mundane world.
> Also, you don't have to try to do everything, sometimes its OK not to 
> volunteer and just have fun. No one will think less of you if 
> occasionally you or Robert just say sorry, we have too much on our 
> plate.  Trust me an occasional break from volunteering and moving and 
> shaking  just to have fun in the SCA is really good, and avoid 
> burn-out.  So don't take a sabatical from the Group, but step back fom 
> the "i'll do it" for a bit.  Concentrate on what you guys want to do 
> in the SCA and let others pick up the ball.
> So please don't get frustrated with a few people or the 
> group...remember this is for fun.
> So hopefully I will see both of you at Fighter Practice Thursday.
> Joe
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>> Dawn
>> I am sorry you feel that way. We love ya'll and all the help you 
>> offer to
>> the goup. Please don't let the little things get under your skin. If 
>> you are
>> able to find rapier gear that will be to the good of the please bring 
>> the
>> information to populace. With any group there is "i'm gonnas" and 
>> even with
>> good intentions it get lost miss placed or back burnered. So if you 
>> are able
>> to help us get from i'm gonna to I did please do so. I will help 
>> where I can
>> as the path I am walking will allow.
>> With love in my heart and concern for my friend please try not to get to
>> flustered with the group.
>> Kat
>> On Aug 23, 2011 11:43 PM, "dawn" <dawnwest at hot.rr.com> wrote:
>> Tonight at PIP there were several meetings that kept me from being 
>> able to
>> get with Don Dore' to consult on ordering our loaner rapier equipment.
>> Adrian approached me and was quite distressed over the gate signup 
>> sheet for
>> Hotter than Hell and is now working on the sheet for the next event 
>> to avoid
>> issues.  (good idea)  Adrian also made me aware that he was working the
>> loaner rapier equipment.  At this time, I feel it's best I back out 
>> of that
>> task.  I am quite tired of all the lack of communication and taskings 
>> not
>> getting done.  It is best if I simply set this task down and ask all to
>> continue supporting Adrian to finish this task.
>> Robert and I will try to make PIP on the Thursday, however with the 
>> events
>> of this evening, we are feeling a strong need for a long sabatical.  
>> Will
>> see yall when we see you.
>> Dawn
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