[Hellsgate] Raven's Fort Equestrian Defender

Robert West rwest15 at hot.rr.com
Fri Aug 26 16:42:31 PDT 2011

Thunder is heard in the distance.  Is it rain in these parched lands?  Nah,
it is the hoof beats of the Ansteorra Equestrians moving to intercept a
rouge band of Trimaris scouts.  Ready your armor and gear.  Water the steeds
and saddle them up, battle is afoot.  Equestrians of Ansteorra the time has
come once again to prove your metal and earn your place as Champion of
RavensFort Defender.  

            A covert band of Trimaris scouts have been spotted roaming the
lands of Raven's Fort pilphering food and water and terrorizing the populace
at large.  You are called to combat this menance.  Know your heraldry and
ensure your aim is true, for if it is not, penalties could be stiff.  Are
you and your noble steed worthy of the challenge?  Soon we shall see who has
been weighed and measured and found worthy.  


Come join us for a day of games and skillful challenges at Raven's Fort
Defender to determine their new Equestrian Champion.


16-18 Sep

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