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Fri Mar 4 03:28:42 PST 2011

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> As hospiatler I would disagree with this. Everyone was involved in starting this group and our first thoughts should be to keep this group growing and this is one reason we thought about moving FP to a different park. I understand fighters wanting to fight a variety of fighters so I would suggest doing so on Tuesday nights. All our efforts should be on Hellsgate recruiting. Support the Barony in another way but at this time we need their support to grow. Sunday fighter practice in any group is a hard time for attendance but this is the day that was choosen for our FP so give Hellsgate that time!

My strong suggestion would be to formally discuss this at a populace
meeting and vote on it.

Personally, I haven't got a dog in the fight.  On April 11 I report to
recruiter school.  I get back at the end of May, and 4 - 6 weeks later
I go "somewhere" for 3 years.  I haven't a clue where it is.

BUT, I would like to point out:  Without fighters in armor, it isn't
really a fighter practice.  It's a sewing circle in the park.  That is
our problem at the moment.

If we don't have other fighters in armor, I see no value in driving 40
minutes to a sewing circle, or so I can fight people I live with, so
I'd be in Cedar Park more often than not regardless.

"Thousands of Sarmatians, Thousands of Franks, we've slain them again
and again.  We're looking for thousands of Persians."
--Vita Aureliani

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