[Hellsgate] Sunday Fighter Practice

Casey Weed seoseaweed at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 07:37:04 PST 2011

Sir Dieterich hier,

How on earth did you lose six people?  All deployed?  Well, don't fret;
it'll roll around.

I'm picking up my prized hunter, Daisy Mae, on Sunday out in Bertram and
having her snake-proofed while I'm out there so, alas, I'll not make this
practice.  But... BUT... I am willing to head up to your Sunday Practice
once a month  after we get back from GW.

Do you have any fencers up there?

Guten tag!

The Ritter you'll never Forgitter.

On Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 9:23 AM, ruizhorde at yahoo.com <ruizhorde at yahoo.com>wrote:

> We have lost six people since December we need a strong presence right now.
> We only have 4 active fighter and one on the injuried reserve. I would
> suggest members attending our Sunday practices right now to give us a
> stronger force in the park making us look better and hopefully bring in new
> people. I don't look at it as abandonment but more of members not
> understanding what our group needs right now and how their presence is
> needed.
> As for ties and relationships to fighter in BG we have some we need to make
> sure we invite or brib them to come out.
> I will start right now with the invites.....Sir Dietrich I know you are on
>  this list and Timur and I  would like to invite you to Hellsgate fighters
> practice this Sunday at Carl Levins park in Harker Heights at 2 pm. If you
> grace us with your presence there will be TCBY afterward! The more people
> you bring the more carma points you will get. Hope to see Sunday.
> Old Dragon
> None by all others as Mel
> Good Cookies Come When They Are Called!
> Snoopy
> On Mar 4, 2011, at 8:23 AM, Susan Scott <gwenneth40 at gmail.com> wrote:
> What if you thought of the idea of going to BG occasionally not as
> abandoning HG, but as a chance of building connections with BG
> fighters, so there is more chance of getting them to an occasional HG
> practice?  If once every month or two, you lost a few fighters in
> order to have the chance of increasing attendance at other times?
> Also, I would recommend picking specific Sundays and sending official
> invitations to the BG list.  You could have some sort of occasion to
> celebrate, or a special activity planned, like food, or a melee
> practice or mini-tourney, or a project day (either a group project or
> have everyone bring individual projects and talk about them).  With
> regular fighter practice every week, it's easy to say, "I'm busy or
> tired this week; I'll try for next time," and never actually make it
> there.  Give people a reason to put a specific week on their calendar.
> Also, send individual invitations to people you know personally.
> As for fighter practice being for fighters, a few years ago we had a
> problem with people thinking, "I'm not a fighter; there's no reason
> for me to go to fighter practice.'  So the decision was made to rename
> it "Populace in the Park."  Then we had a problem with people saying,
> "So why don't you have a fighter practice?''  You just can't win.  ;-)
> Gwenneth
> On Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 7:41 AM, ruizhorde at yahoo.com <ruizhorde at yahoo.com>
> wrote:
> I understand the fact of driving 40 minutes to a fighter practice where
> fighting might or might not take place is disappointing! Gas prices are high
> and that sucks!
> However what happens on Sunday is just labeled Fighter Practice. We talked
> about this at Red tape in the hospitaler meeting and it is a common
> problem/misunderstanding. Fighting is just a small part of what should be
> happening. A lot of discussions take place about issues of the Stronghold,
> we are in the public eye, newer people are getting a fill for the SCA,
> friendships are being made, and much more.
> With out this time to get to know each other and establish bonds this group
> will not grow! In my former group we had a fighter make a remark that it was
> a fighter practice not a knitting circle the people who didn't fight was
> offended and quit coming. Sunday fighter practice failed.
> Small groups like Tempio also suffered from members who was drawn to the
> larger group an hour down the road because of all it could offer. They never
> understood their presence was vitally needed and never put the growth and
> development of the smaller group before their own ambitions.
> If you were one of the few at the very beginning, where the idea of this
> group began you should be the ones that are at every activity this group
> has.
> I told everyone after the crown made us an official group this is where the
> hard work begins. This is where you put the growth of the group you helped
> start before your own ambitions. Do not leave this group to futher your own
> SCA careers . Making this group succed will be your biggest and most proud
> moment in your SCA career.
> Robert and I are committed to make as many Social, fighter practices, and
> of coarse populace as our mundane life allows.
> I would like everyone to think back to the populace meeting at Long Branch
> park where Jhetto ( I know it is misspelled) spoke of not starting this
> group just have fun with each other and enjoy the SCA. Not one person
> blinked at his statement and the vote was taken to move forward with the
> making of Hellsgate. If your passion for  this group has lessened take a
> moment and think of how it felt when we we were made an official group or
> how it felt when they put that neat little award around your necks.
> Hopefully that will restart the fires in peoples hearts to put Hellsgate
> first.
> I will be a FP this Sunday for anyone who wants to discuss this.
> This is not meant for anyone person and not meant to start a debate on the
> list. It is just the fastest means to reach all who are involved in
> Hellsgate.
> Mel
> Good Cookies Come When They Are Called!
> Snoopy
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