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Yes once a month trip to another fighter practice for one person not going to hurt us but most or all fighters going to a different practice once a month has the potential. I say this because as hospitaler it is my job to make sure people who show interest know where and when they can expect us to be. As Grim said the fighting is the attention getting. We need the attention. 
Now remember my saying all that I have said is not to tell any one to go or not to go. We are all grown ups able to make grown up choices just remember with 6 people stepping out and John, ken and Coenred not staying if we don't give 100% to recruiting we will be struggling for officers as the positions come up. Yes I understand that is why we are a stronghold but I would hate to see the group close because we didn't give 100%.
I can tell people who are interested in the stronghold what we are and what we do but them seeing it works so much better. We need consistent attendace in the social, FP, and populace for people to see we are an active group.
In saying that I must also say thanks to Keyna and Eric who drove down to attend social last night. The Belton COC was sending someone to see what we were about. I haven't heard anything from Kat yet as if they came or not. They are very interested in our group doing an all day demo at the 4th of July celebration at Yetti Polk park where we already meet.

Once again I will be at fighter practice Sunday so whoever wants to discuss it we can.


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I have a small dog in this fight since I am back in town now but will likely deploy soon.

I got here as the previous group folded and the rebuild came from fighters wanting something to do because the Tuesday practice wasn't good for us.  It started in Roak's back yard and soon we had enough folks we had to move, so we returned to the park.  Eventually, it came up to form an official group.

Since we fully expected the membership to swell and shrink, we opted for a Stronghold, for which we needed a Barony to support us.  Bryn Gwlad gladly stepped up and supported us.  I have seen nothing implying we should abandon Hellsgate for the larger Barony, but they have supported us and we, in turn, should be supporting them.  Additionally, we have very few heavy fighters that are healthy to fight, so I personally see having to make trips to Bryn Gwlad practices to get any kind of improvement in my fighting.  Tuesday is largely impractical when the drive gets me home as late as it would and then I ave to be up early the next morning (gas price hardly factors in).  As for Sunday being the only day available for practice, I could accept practice up here any day of the week.  Sunday was originally practical for the fighters and just sort of continued by tradition.

Fighter practice began and IMO should remain focused on fighting, with additional activities for non-fighters.  If, in order to improve my skills, I need to go outside the Stronghold, I see no reason not to make the Baronial practice ONCE A MONTH.  Three weeks up here and one down there is not likely to doom the group.

I will of course support the Stronghold in whatever is decided.

As always, In Service,
Coenred aet Rauenesdale

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