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I am hoping the problem with the loaner grab will  soon be over. Grim is checking on what equipment passed the punch tests in BG and as soon as he knows we are buying the missing equipment.
Don't worry about being in modern clothing I also don't sew so I understand where you are coming from.
Don't give up yet John is back and bring his gear and enjoys rapier very much and I think his passion for it will inspire you. Come Sunday if you can!


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On Mar 4, 2011, at 2:04 PM, Equiss01 at aol.com wrote:

I was coming regular  to fighter practice but I have 2 problems--1. I am 
new to the group and new to  this type of fencing and with no intruction it's 
like giving a person a badge  and gun and saying "go be a cop now".   The 
other problem is gear--as  I've discussed before.
 It seems that the emphasis is on heavy fighting.  I am no 6ft  tall 
amazon woman and I have no wish to get pummeled to death in this style of  
fighting--besides we are back to gear again.

 I'm not driving to Austin  any more as the same problem occured--no 
fencing jacket and hood so I would end  up driving from Harker Heights to stand 
and watch.  And if you are not  "part of the group" and New to SCA it is very 
difficult to "break in" as  everyone looks at you like an idiot when you 
have no clue what they are talking  about.

Also, driving that far to simply stand  and watch others participate 
because there is no loaner gear is a waste of time  in my opinion.  My husband and 
I did go down when the baronial candidates  were presented and on a few 
other occassions.  I decided to join the SCA to  participate in rapier but it 
is not happening at the moment and personally I do  not believe it will for 

As for the craft night--I work nights and I  am once again new to the 
group.  I am not going to simply show up to  someone's house on an open 
invitation if I dont know that peson.  I don't  even know where this residence is.  
You can reply that it is my choice not  to go or that I am being foolish by 
not simply showing up but I will tell you I  have worked with other groups 
and you will find most people the same  way. 

I do not sew so while learning how to make period garb is  interesting I am 
still relegated to buying mine.  Lack of garb (and  occassionally a night 
shift job) is the reason I don't come to anything.   Who wants to be the one 
sitting in the corner in mundane clothing.  Or  worse--whow ants to be the 
one sitting there with a long tunic over jeans  looking like you are the new 
one who has no clue.

 I agree the fighter practice draws people in.  It is the  activity that 
stops people in the park but you should also have someone there to  invite 
people over to explain what is happening--like Mel does and she does a  great 
job at it.  I agree that adding banners and flags,e tc is a great way  to 
draw people in.  I already drive 100 miles round trip to work 6 days a  week 
so driving to Austin is out of the question for me.
 Harker Heights was a very convenient location for me but Killeen  sounds 
as if it has better facilities.

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