[Hellsgate] Fighter Loaner gear

Ken Riley grimthebald at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 4 17:11:14 PST 2011

We have one mask, one hood and 4 jackets (3 are on the small side).  I'm looking 
at getting a rapier gorget, rapier gloves, and a rapier with an epee blade.  The 
total will be about $235 plus shipping.  Anything else that we may need will be 
made by members of the group.  The goal is to have one set of rapier gear for 

We voted at Populace on Wednesday to spend up to $300 on leather, straps and 
buckles to repair/construct heavy gear.  I don't plan on spending that much.  We 
can probably just repair most of what we have and get at least two sets of heavy 

I will be looking at volunteers to assist in doing some leather work to 
fix/construct some fighter gear for the group.  We can look at it as a class on 
basic SCA leather working.  If you do up the documentation, perhaps you can 
present your craftsmanship at the next A & S competition.  

Everything is better with gravy

Grim Bjornson - aka Grim The Bald


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