[Hellsgate] Sunday Fighter Practice

Matthew Scholten dramascout at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 4 17:52:41 PST 2011

Ok time to weigh in on this. I am in the unique situation in here to have been in a shire or barony fighting and playing in 5 of the kingdoms in the society. I don’t tell what I have done in other places and how long I have been playing for because it doesn’t pertain to how I am now. (off and on for almost 11 years now and interested in it all since I was 16) I have a interesting perspective on it all. I have driven around for days trying to find a fighter practice. Been shunned from groups because I was the “new guy”  It is hard to get in and even harder to find a group at times. I went to emerald keep between my tours in Iraq because middleford was gone and as I was not to active in the lists ect I had no idea there was a stronghold idea being bounced around.  I remember having a “regional fighter practice” in another kingdom.  I say that to say this. I hear a lot of talk about BG I do understand that they are our neighbors and sponsoring
 barony but what about our friends to the north emerald keep is also only 45 min away why not host a regional fighter practice HERE with fighters from BG AND emerald keep. That gives EVERYONE the chance to fight new people as well as talk and greet people that they may only see at events. I know my brain is mush right now due to mundain events and my life at them moment but those are a few of my thoughts, I have more but they are as of yet still a cloud and have not fully formed.

Lucas De Argent,
Deputy Hospitaler traveler of the WORLD


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