[Hellsgate] Fighter Practice Tomorrow Sunday 3-6-11

Joe Barnes thalamos69 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 5 13:24:19 PST 2011

Hello Everyone,
     My name is Joe Barnes and I'm a long time resident of the area. I'm 41 years old and am interested in seeing what Hellsgate is all about. I've never been a member of the SCA but have been interested in it since I was in high school. I went to a couple of the Middleford Shire fighter practices and one event (can't remember which) back in the late 80's. I was absolutely fascinated with it all but never joined up. I remember getting my first "Black Pearl" newsletter in the mail (that was way back before the Internet..hehe). I poured through that piece of literature over and over again.
    I'm married and have two sons that visit me during Summer and Christmas. They live in Florida with their mother. My wife sews and teaches English style horse riding. She would attend the fighter practice tomorrow with me but she is giving a couple of lessons in College Station and won't be home in time.
    I should mention also that I was just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes last October. I'm getting it under control with diet, exercise and medication. Before my diagnosis, I used to mountain and road bike but have cut way back due to my body adjusting to more normal blood sugar levels. Seems that excessive physical activity drops my blood sugar quickly, which is good, but I'm still working to figure out exactly what, how much and when to eat. I would like to participate in heavy or rapier fighting but will just have to figure out how it affects my blood sugar levels and compensate accordingly. So if you see me chowing down on a Clif Bar or something else tomorrow, its just time for my snack. :)
   I've communicated with you Hospitalier and she has given me the green light to come out tomorrow. Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone first and look forward to meeting you all.


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