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I supplied a set of info about a decent priced blade, gloves, gorget, etc to Helene
some time back. Including a hanwei blade for under $120

SH1099 Practical Rapier (this is the blade I use modified)
CAS Iberia The Practical Rapier utilizes the popular hilt from the 1027S-GT Rapier, 
modified to accomodate our SCA-approved 37 inch Schlager blade (see Model 1099-GT for the 43 inch length).

Size needed is a 37" blade as this is usable by the Youth fighters as well


With shipping is around $120.00

Leather gauntlets from $20.00 to $35.00

Gorget: $45-$55 (brigandine for $80.00)


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Sounds good.  Currently I'm just working on a thought.  I was going to run the 
rapier gear through a second set of eyes before I made any purchases to make 
sure I get the right stuff.  My intent in this posting was to let everyone in 
Hellsgate know that we're working on loaner gear.  We're going to discuss the 
rapier purchase and vote at the next populace.  I was going through the Zen 
Warrier website, which is where I got all my quotes.  

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On Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 7:11 PM, Ken Riley <grimthebald at yahoo.com> wrote:

> We have one mask, one hood and 4 jackets (3 are on the small side).  I'm 
> at getting a rapier gorget, rapier gloves, and a rapier with an epee blade.  
> total will be about $235 plus shipping.  Anything else that we may need will 
> made by members of the group.  The goal is to have one set of rapier gear for
> now.

We need to get a proper heavy rapier.  Epees aren't used in Ansteorra
except in Youth Fighting, and cannot be used in practice against heavy
rapiers.  They are too lightweight and will bend in half if used to
parry.  The cheapest ones are the Zen Warrior ones, or I would
cheerfully look for one at War, just give me a price limit.  Zen
Warrior rapiers with a 37" blade can be had for $120 plus shipping, to
give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

Also, to save money on gloves, go to a surplus store and buy those
basic training black leather ones.  They work just fine.

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