[Hellsgate] An URGENT LETTER!!

Ken Riley grimthebald at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 6 17:22:43 PST 2011

There would be no fear from Grim The Bald as he is a gentle from the great land 
of Greenland.  It shall be most fearful a meeting from those from France for 
they do have great flatulance and their mightly eminations does melt armor.  The 
sheep must be guarded from the French for they do covet their form and function 
in a most unseemly manner.  

From: Matthew Scholten <dramascout at yahoo.com>
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Subject: [Hellsgate] An URGENT LETTER!!

Mistress Melacinda,
I know my brother can not spell nor write So I am again tasked with penning  his 
ramblings. Lucas has heard word that Grim the Bald has been seen walking the 
shore line for a few weeks now. His Clann cousins in Ireland Have also seen a 
dragon boat off the shore headed this way.  It is imperative that all the 
citizens of the stronghold be aware that a Viking may be headed this way. We 
need to guard the sheep and keep all of our citizen’s close. If and when this 
dose occur I will ring the bells of the church and we should all rush to defend 
the walls as quickly as possible. We should also watch Grim closely as I believe 
he is in on the arrival of more of his kind.

Lucas De Argent 
Under the hand of Father Lanc

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