[Hellsgate] Sunday's Fighter Practice

Joe Barnes thalamos69 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 7 16:06:47 PST 2011

It was great to meet everyone on Sunday. I had a ball! I realized that there is more to the heavy fighting than trying to just bash each other in the head to. I want to thank everyone for the warm sense of welcome and acceptance. Thanks to the fighters for letting me try to bash them and all of the instruction given. Thanks Grim for all of the one-on-one instruction and all of the others for taking a real interest. That's the stuff needed to make an awesome group. I completely forgot to take Coenred up on his offter to use the extra sword. If anyone going to the social on Thursday in Belton can bring it, you would have my sincere thanks.
To be honest though, I'm quite sore from yesterday's festivities but should be recovered by Thursday. I would also like to try some fencing sometime as well. Not sure were Hellsgate stands on the loaner garb on that, however.
I look forward to seeing you all again soon and if I don't see some of you folks before Gulf Wars....."Go get'em!!"


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