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Ken Riley grimthebald at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 12 16:13:54 PST 2011

Take care. See you at fighter practice when you're able.  Don't spend too long 
in bed or you'll be stiff and sore when you finally get out of bed.  

 "Good gravy comes when it's called" 

what Snoopy is really thinking

Grim The Bald 

From: Joe Barnes <thalamos69 at yahoo.com>
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Subject: [Hellsgate] FYI

Glad you made it in good order.

Fighter practice for the next few weeks will be out for me. I had emergency 
surgery for acute appendicitis this morning after spending the night in the ER 
last night. The doc and the wife are telling me that I have to stay in bed for 
the next week and am not supposed to lift over 10lbs for six weeks. Amazing that 
they can remove your appendix now with 3 small incisions then send you home. 
Would rather be home than at the hospital. :)

Joe B

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