[Hellsgate] andagenda for Tomorrows Meeting - take 2

Hellsgate Web Minister daria at hellsgate-sca.org
Tue May 3 04:23:43 PDT 2011

May 2011 populace Agenda

Officers Reports:(officers please keep reports brief, 3 minutes or less if
	Seneschal: Timur Borte			
	Exchequer: Adrian William Thames	
		Accepting applications for office 	
	Knights Marshal:
		Accepting applications for office.
	Arts and Science:
		Accepting applications for office.
	Herald: Kenya Morgan Oulton	
	Chirurgeon: OPEN
	Hospitlier: Melisenda de Barcelona	
		Killeen fest
Web Minister: Daria Riley

Old Business: 
	2011 event: Timur
a.	Bid submitted for LPT 
b.	Crucible steward June 2012- Patty
	Loner gear: leather straps and buckles have been purchased
	July 4th Demo:Quick update
		Need a copy of the non-profit paper work.
		"the greatest generation"
		Need help building the float. 
Salado Demo:  Quick update
a.	Equestrian insurance has been purchased.
b.	Fist weekend in June

New Business:	
Closed pop at:

*Please remember we have a very short hour to get through all of the
business. Keep additional conversations for after the meeting. Be as brief
in your comments as possible. Raise your hand to be recognized instead of

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