[Hellsgate] Salado Demo, Planning Meeting

Hellsgate Web Minister daria at hellsgate-sca.org
Thu May 5 05:09:54 PDT 2011

Good Morning


Sorry we could not make the meeting last night.


Need to get together with everyone who has "a part to play" at the Salado

Or anyone who wants to Voulenteer for something at the demo.


If tonight at the Social works for everyone (and it's OK with Mel) let me

Or, if people would like to meet another time at the demo site and talk
about layout, we can do that too.


Dawn - we still need to visit the site to finalize the Equestrian Layout.

Mistress Mel - there has been some interest in BG from people wanting to
sign up to assist at "information point" has a list been started as of yet?
(do you need me to print anything?)

                                If we have a flyier, can I get a copy to
include in the press releases?

We still need a heavy & rapier marshall commitment as our primary ones for
the event are not going to be there (off playing Army)


t-minus 4 weeks and counting

Advertising kicks in on the 22nd of this month and runs thru Sunday of the




Baroness Daria Riley

Hellsgate Web Minister



All the cool people will be at the Salado Demo. Are you cool?



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