[Hellsgate] Mission Accomplished!

Casey Weed seoseaweed at gmail.com
Fri May 20 05:02:09 PDT 2011

8 members of the famous and fabulous Leather Worker's Guild Local #484 met
last night basking in the jealous spite of the armorers; no member was cut
or burned in any way.  From Hutto to Hellsgate, Loyola to Brodie came those
celebrated brothers of the mighty #484, solving the Riddle of Hides: how did
our ancient counterparts do what they did so well?  And why are so many
leather workers today so good-looking, influential, and humble?

We worked on a few key items: our waterproofing experiment is rapidly
approaching readiness for Kings College- see us there to find out what the
gold standard is for scientific guild research in Ansteorra.  We will even
have clip boards and graphing calculators (thank you, brothers Nicola and

We also ran an experiment on ornamenting leather in a period style based on
studies of a shoe now on display in the Goubitz Exhibit in Haarlem,
Holland.  Pictures of the original and of our six experimental pieces can be
found on the #484 Facebook page along with some of our notes and
conclusions.  Also there are production pics of sister Johanna's rash-red
balls, sister Caitlyn's Dribble Inhibitor, and brother Nicola's wet-formed
spaulder project PART TWO with images of the actual bottle of booze used to
make the Perfect Shape- riveting stuff.

I'd like to give the Scribal Arts Guild a nod for it's sponsorship of the
#484- two belt blanks donated for use for the new fighter kits.  Maybe some
of you other guilds could take a page out of their play book and cough up
some loot, too? (nobody is saying your guilds are cheap if you don't... to
your faces)

As always, *feel free to follow our work at
 Make sure you "Like" us-
* all the cool kids are doing it.

Next month Sister Caitlyn will be giving a class on how to get an even dye
covering on your leather working project, and Sister Johanna will be posting
an article on the differences between left and right-handed pootersnifters.

Sir D
LWG Local #484
Sgt. At Arms

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