[Hellsgate] Leadership Opportunities for the Fall Event!

Casey Weed seoseaweed at gmail.com
Mon May 23 12:53:18 PDT 2011

Hidey Ho, BG!  I know you all woke up this morning and said to yourselves:
"I just don't have enough to do in this life." right?

Well, here is your shot at filling up all those hours you'd normally just
wile away in front of the television or on a beach sipping a 'no-salt'

I'm the steward for the Fall Event and I am looking for passionate, excited,
and personable people for the following jobs to EMAIL ME PRIVATELY RATHER

   - *Marshal In Charge*- willing to work closely with our reigning
   champion, Sir Ysfael, providing a safe and enjoyable format, that stays *on
   time*.  Qualities: firm but polite, timely, and gracious.  Know the
   spirit and letter of our chivalric laws.
   - *Chief Field Herald*- willing to work closely with the MiC and myself
   to keep the public informed and keep the event *on time*. Qualities: loud
   and clear.  Best if you have at least two friends who are also loud and
   clear who like you enough to work with you for a day.
   - *Set Up Captain*- willing to motivate and lead a band of ruthless
   porters in the transportation and preparatory steps leading up to our
   reception of guests on Friday afternoon of the event.  Qualities: *
   timeliness*, availability on Friday morning, communicative, organized,
   with the ability to share work well with your minions.
   - *Break Down Captain*- willing to motivate and lead a band of ruthless
   porters in the organized and methodic storage of all properties of the
   Barony from the site to their storage area.  See minion comment above.
   - *Lord/Lady Privy Chamberlain*- willing to go where we all must go...
   but more often.  Or send your forces in your stead.  Must have a nose for
   cleanliness.  Will be working in collusion with the...
   - *Master/Mistress of Press*- in charge of design and dissemination of
   2-4 pieces of print collateral.  Graphic design or artistic inclination a
   - *Master/Mistress of Revels*- in charge of theme specific decoration and
   preparations. Are the Christmas lights up the day after Thanksgiving at your
   house?  Have you ever argued passionately over a color? If you can't invite
   people to your apartment without first making sure the napkin rings match
   the place mats... you're the one I'm looking for.

There will be a multitude of other jobs available but I would like these
leadership/key roles filled before we start organizing further.

Thank you in advance,

Sir Dieterich

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