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~ drink water~ wear sunblock~ support the upcoming Salado Demo ~ support the upcoming Belton Demo~ is a trip to another group's fighter practice a good idea for the 19th of June?  We haven't decided if we will day-trip to King's College, go for the whole weekend, or stay home. 
Long version: (for those with time to spare)First of all, I would like to encourage the fighters that are planning on participating in the upcoming demos to start drinking extra water NOW.   We would like to see you all fall in glorious combat, which will be rather impossible if you fall to heat stroke early in the day. I would also encourage the fighters to spend a short time outside each day in armor to gradually become used to the Ansteorran heat.  Again, we want each of you to fall in glorious combat, NOT to melt after two seconds of wearing your armor.Again I say ... DRINK WATER!!!!!!  Having spent two days a week outside in a heavy dress during the next to hottest month in the Caidan summer, I can tell you that if you do not need fluids, you're some kind of crazy superhero alien god of thunder.  Beverages enhanced with electrolytes are also a good choice and can help you hydrate without feeling waterlogged.Second thing; More for the ladies who
 are not covered head to toe in armor. Sunblock! ... yes, I realize it's not period, but since I have neither a period parasol, nor a period servant to hold it above my head, I definitely reccomend sunblock be liberally applied.  After all, many of us are indoor people and how will we retain any geek cred if we show up with a tan!!!! One of the advantages to living in the modern middle ages is that we can avoid things like: painful sunburns, increased risk of skin cancer, and much more easily retain the pale complexion that suits a noble unused to manual labours.  Considering I am now sporting a lovely pinkish hue from Fiber Arts Fun in the Sun last weekend, someone may want to occasionally poke me and ask if I'm following my own reccomendations :)   We couldn't help it, we had scheduled Fiber Arts Fun under the Gazebo, but there were a vicious pack of healthy people doing something called "exercise" when we arrived.  See what happens when we don't
 have many muscled manly men in armor to defend our territory!!!!!  It all goes to the barbarians!!!  So, wear sunblock and enjoy the modern middle ages longer and more comfortably. ** Be forewarned that the advice given above is not from a warranted chirurgeon and that I only speak from personal experience.  Use your best judgement, if you think my ideas are the stupidest thing you have ever heard of ... then feel free to ignore them.
As far as the specific dates mentioned by Timur:Obviously those wishing to practice fighting on the Sunday of the Salado Demo should show up at the Salado Market Days site and take part in the demo on that Sunday.  I plan to be there and am awaiting further instruction as to what I can do to help.   A sitting-down job in the shade sounds lovely.As for the weekend that Timur and Mel are out of town, perhaps this is a good time for a visit to Bryn Gwlad, if they have fighters meeting on Sunday.  I know I enjoyed myself mostly last time a bunch of us invaded another group's fighter practice.  Since our Stronghold is now official, there should be less focus on building the group as a cohesive unit and more focus on expanding our fighters' experience with differing styles of combat.  If all our men do is practice fighting eachother they will only be able to defend against a few fighting styles.  If not, Johanna and I can always have Fiber Arts Fun in
 the Sun and I can turn the colour of a tomato again.As for the Sunday before the Belton Demo, those fighters that wish to practice should meet up in Yettie Polk park and use the time dedicated to fighter practice as a sort of a warmup for the demo.   This will allow them to practice any theatrical moments, such as their dramatic battlefield deaths on the actual field where the demo will take place, reducing the chances of a misstep or turned ankle.  If they have any energy left after that, I'm sure Katla or Anabella Rose will be more than happy to put their strong muscles to work setting up the demo.
In Service,Addalynd mka Jen "too much energy for this early in the morning" Hartlove

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This is just a reminder, populace is this Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at 7:00 pm.
below is a copyof the planned agenda.

June 2011 populace Agenda
Officers Reports: (officers please keep reports brief, 3 minutes or less if 
            Seneschal: Timur Borte                                  
            Exchequer: Adrian William Thames
                        Accepting applications for office       
            Knights Marshal:
                        Accepting applications for office.
            Arts and Science: 
                        Accepting applications for office.
            Herald: Kenya Morgan Oulton
                        Populace badge to be commented on at steppes war 

Chirurgeon: OPEN
Hospitlier: Melisenda de Barcelona   
            Killeen fest
Web Minister: Eric Halfdanarson (interim) 
Old Business: 
            Calendar review: June –August
1.      June 4th and 5th Salado demo - No Fighter Practice
2.      June, 19th Timur and Mel out of town out of town - Fighter Practice??
3.      July, 3rd Prep for Demo – Fighter Practice??
4.      Hotter than Hellsgate, Aug. ?? – No Fighter practice.
            2011 event: Timur
a.       Hotter than Hells Gate 
            Loner gear: 
            July 4th Demo: Update 
 Salado Demo:  Update
New Business: 
Closed pop at:
*Please remember we have a very short hour to get through all of the business. 
Keep additional conversations for after the meeting. Be as brief in your 
comments as possible. Raise your hand to be recognized instead of interrupting. 

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