[Hellsgate] barney's surery

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery. 

"Always rise
to an early meal,
but eat your fill before a feast.
If you're hungry 
you have no time 
to talk at the table. "

Quote from the Viking Sagas - The Havamal 

Grim The Bald

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barney had knee surgery on the 9th the doctor had to fix a his meniscus and take out a bone chip and he had some arthritis and some more thing that had to be fixed but all was fixed barney was up most of the day warren was here (my older son) so me and my boys just sit outside and talked alot till the pain got to bad and barney went to bed kat just saty in bed all day when deb got home she was happy to get to help her dad out she was fixing food and keeping ice on his knee all night
annabella rose hugh
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