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Just in case anyone would be interested in volunteering for Halloween and/or
Christmas. :)


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  Completly off topic and forward a few hundred years in time.

Pioneer Farms is seeking volunteers to "haunt" the dark pathways of Pioneer
Farms (3/4 mile trail) on October 21,22 & 28,29, 7p-10p. Our theme this year
is Scary Stories & Terrifying Tales. A host of storybook characters will
emerge from their tales to wander Pioneer Farms dark pathways. This event is
appropriate for all ages. No blood and gore, just old fashioned scares and
creepy scenarios. In the past 2 yrs we've done this event we've had reports
of adult visitors with wet pants and gotten some amazing screams....from the
older teens and adults! Young children haven't really been too phased by
anything more than the dark. Volunteer 1,2, 3, or all 4 nights. Create a
character, scary or not (we don't mind a mix) and help us haunt the farm
this year. You may be among those who have encountered the real ghosts of
Pioneer Farms! They have put in an appearance in past years and don't seem
to mind the crowds or noise. Contact me off list if this event is of
interest to you. I can find a spot for all ages of volunteers. Currently our
volunteer age range is 8-75 for this particular event.

With Christmas coming not too far behind.....Pioneer Farms will again
present Ebeneezer's Journey on Dec. 9,10 & 16,17, 7p-10p. Some of you may
remember this from when Duke Kein presented this for Wild Basin and for
Raganrok some years ago. This is our 2nd year for this event and it takes a
LOT of people to pull it off. This is an interactive adaptation of the
Dicken's classic "A Christmas Carol". Visitors assume the role of Ebeneezer
and journey through Pioneer Farms to experience all that Scrooge
experienced. Auditions for roles will be held on Saturday, November 12, at
6pm at Pioneer Farms. You may contact me off list for further details.

I now return you to the current middle ages.

     Rhonda Leggett
Pioneer Farms Board of Governors--Programs Manager

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