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Tue Sep 13 07:19:55 PDT 2011

Hi All,

I would be very much in favor of hauling less each year and a community BFT seems like a great idea.  I still love the hall of heroes concept and so would be in favor of continuing that and of course still need kitchen space but if we were to merge dinning space under a pavilion large enough that all the various kitchens could have tables and chairs set up in there that would be great.    Only problem I have had in the past with just using one end of a garage pavillion for cooking is that I need space for storing all the coolers, dry goods etc.  We have often used one end of a garage pavilion as well as a stuff tent to make the area clean looking and usable.  However I am very much open to hearing suggestions/improvements.  If we just went common on the dining hall that would be one less garage pavilion to bring for MacLeod-de Clermot-Hoegaarden houses and we could be more strategic on things like lighting, pathways, etc.  I am also very much a fan of banners and we like to dress up our dining hall with lots of banners to raise the feel.  It would be great if the BFT can be set up with clear entrances/exits (perhaps one per side) where other walls can be decorated with folks personal banners.

Just thinking out loud and glad to see this discussion occurring early.  

For our kitchen, I will also want to create a backup plan this year in case I have to do an earthquake/tsunami rapid response at the last minute.


On Sep 13, 2011, at 7:32 AM, Liam Gordon wrote:

> There are two things that I want to bring up here.  Camp Showers and Community Tentage...
> 1- Camp Showers:  Last year, Savinious had a camp shower set up in camp that worked great.  In speaking with Don Dore at the end of the War, he said that he was willing to open it up to other folks within camp.  The only caveat was he would need more barrels.  He used three last year, but in order to be able to open it up for other folks, he said that we would need to have 3 more barrels.  The additional barrels would be purchased by other individuals and they would be on the hook to transport and store them.
> The barrals can be purchased for $15-$20 from Austin Home Brew Supply and when emptied and dried, can be used as packing containers for other things.  Right now, the Dalassenos-Gordon household is on the hook for one barrel, so we only need TWO more.  Who's got it?
> 2- Community Tentage:  In speaking with Her Excellency during the war last year, we came up with an idea that we would like to ask the group (I will post this on the BG website asking for input, also...).  We would like to look into renting a big tent (maybe the size of the Ansteorran BFT for the community tent.  The idea is that the rented tent would be where folks ate their meals or gathered together for baronial business, or just sit together.  This would do multiple things: it would allow for more of a community feel within the group.  It would cut back on the number of garage pavilions transported (I transport two, mine and Gideon's...  Gideon's was used as a dinning area last year, mine was the Hall of Hero's.  Savinious had two, one kitchen and one shower tent).  If we could cut it down to two garage paviolions, that would rock (joint kitchen, one end Savinious, the other McCleod (sp?, sorry) and the other the shower tent).
> I'm throwing this out there for input, comments, concerns.
> Thanks,
> Liam  
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