[Hellsgate] French feast The one you want

Ruiz ruizhorde at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 21 19:03:24 PDT 2011

As the English and French armies prepare for battle once again, I want to bring what comfort I can to the French soldiers who fight for God and King. This humble cook, Oce'ane, with age and health keeping me from picking up arms and fighting the English dogs, serves my France with the only skill left in my aging bones. 
My ability to create food fit for our brave men who stand against the Godless English. A hearty fare, I swear to you, I will serve the day of battle. Although the lands are sparse, I have sent hunters to gather game and God being on our side they have returned from the forest near Agincourt with a huge bounty. We have picked and plucked what we can from the land and even sacked an English baggage train.  With what God has delivered to me I am preparing a simple but hearty meal. At days end when we are victorious and proved right and just I will rest contently knowing my kinsmen were spurred to victory by the spirit of God and the nourishment of my efforts. 
Oce'ane the devout,
and humble cook for the French

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