[Hellsgate] Congrats

Kat Owens gatodelfuego at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 14:16:52 PDT 2011

Thank you Mel. We all had a blast. The Arts and Science loot box is Awsome.
Thank you to everyone who donated all the really cool stuff. My new pride is
the self standing embroidery hoop. I have been eyeing one for a while and
then I won one. The Gods heard my wishes and wants. I also got lots more
really cool stuff and as soon as we unpack the truck I can rummage thru it.
I hope my Arts and Science work continues to shine so brightly and I will
continue to work hard so that our group my draw eyes and raise the bar for
other groups large and small alike.
Katla the very happy and very tired

On Sep 25, 2011 3:59 PM, "Ruiz" <ruizhorde at yahoo.com> wrote:

Good Job Katla in winning the A&S this weekend.
It was a great weekend. We all had fun!
I wanted to thank everyone that helped serve feast and helped with Timur's
Thanks to anyone who helped break down and clean up after feast. Kat thanks
for helping Robert and I haul and load all the stuff back to the truck you
stayed in till the last and I appreicate it.  I am still amazed at how
strong you are. On to next weekend.


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