[Hellsgate] Error in Submission Request

Tim McDaniel tmcd at panix.com
Sat Jul 7 18:03:07 PDT 2012

Tiffany wrote:
> How does one go about correcting their name in the SCA Files? I
> tried to find images or something in the Caid data banks, all that
> is listed is my registered SCA name and the date of my AoA. Not sure
> what to do at this point.

> There is an error in the search requirements, I had forgotten the
> name change had not gone thru at that time. The original name and
> award of Arms info in the Caid Compendium is
> Nerys O Ystrad-Fleur <<03107>>
> 96/06/22 Award of Arms <07163>
> I meant to submit a name correction, but didnt know how.
> But yes this information is as accurate as it gets. Ideas?

I'm afraid I don't understand what you want.

There is no "the SCA Files".

(1) Laurel King of Arms [0] is the chief herald of the SCA.  His
minions keep track of name, device, and badge registrations.  Heraldic
submissions for the last few years can be seen in a system called
OSCAR, via http://oscar.sca.org .  The names "Nerys" and "Ystrad" have
not appeared in any submissions in its memory.  None of "Nerys",
"Ystrad", or "-Fleur" have appeared in any Laurel Letter of Acceptance
and Return (the rulings on submissions) back through 1990, except for
Gwaeddan o Ystrad Llangollen in December 1990.

(2) Each kingdom keeps track of awards in its Roll of Precedence [1].
They usually appoint particular herald(s) to track them.  That's what
you referred to above when you quoted Caid's list of awards, accessed
via http://heralds.sca-caid.org/op/   Ansteorra has it under
http://heraldry.ansteorra.org/OP/  .  Ansteorra's RP has only one name
starting with "Ner", Mistress Nerak la Tisserande.

If you move from one kingdom to another, the new kingdom usually knows
nothing about it unless you tell the appropriate person, which is
presumably why Ansteorra's Roll of Precedence knoweth ye not.

Also, the clerks of precedence often or usually don't know if you've
registered a name, either because
- they don't bother to look
- it's not possible to know, because (for example) this guy received
   an award as Foo Bar but later submitted Joe Bloggs

(3) When you pay for membership in SCA Inc., you can provide an SCA
name.  That has nothing to do with Laurel's name registration or with
awards.  They'll put darned near anything in there.  My previous blue
card has my SCA name as "Upsy Daisy of the May" on it, just to
illustrate that point.

So please explain your circumstances.  What is the exact error?  Whose
database appears to be wrong, what is the wrong datum, and what do you
believe the right datum should be?  Different records have different
correction mechanisms.

Daniel Lincoln, Troll Herald Extraordinary

[0] King of Arms at the moment; Queen of Arms has been more common
since the mid-1990s.

[1] Most places call it "the Order of Precedence", but that term is
not correct.  The Order of Precedence is the list of award levels,
     King and Queen
     visiting king and queen
     Prince and Princess
     visiting prince and princess
     dukes and duchesses
     counts and countesses
or whatever.

Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com

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