[Hellsgate] Error in Submission Request

Tim McDaniel tmcd at panix.com
Sat Jul 7 22:22:52 PDT 2012

On Sat, 7 Jul 2012, Tiffany Salling <tiffany.a.salling at gmail.com>
> On Sat, Jul 7, 2012 at 8:19 PM, Dave Goldie
> <missinglink at phulesgold.com>wrote:
> > I cannot find anything listed in the College Ordinary and Armorial
> > (list of all registered names and armory) for the name or device
> > you gave me.  Is it possible it was spelled differently?
> Yes Nerys O Ystrad Fleur...its in the Caid Compendium, I discovered
> it while searching myself

He wrote "the College Ordinary and Armorial (list of all registered
names and armory)".

You wrote "in the Caid Compendium".

They are different.

* You can register a name by filling out forms, documenting it, paying
   a fee, and handing the forms to a submissions-accepting herald.
   That's handled by the College of Arms and Laurel KoA.  Those names
   are listed in "the Armorial".

* You received an award under some name.  That's a different database,
   maintained by kingdom heralds.  In Caid's case, the listing of
   awards is "the Caid Compendium".  In Ansteorra, it's a different

Since they are different listings, any correction or change procedures
are completely different between them.

> From the looks of things its already to late as I had gotten my AoA
> and its to late to change anything.

That happens not to be the case.  If you have registered a name with
Laurel Sovereign of Arms and the College of Arms, you can always
change it, regardless of whatever awards you may have received.

> Thank you for the reference I will contact [Caid's precedence
> herald] ASAP.

Though I still have no idea what the problem is, I suspect that a
precedence herald isn't the right answer.  I put my previous answers
on the list in case the populace wanted to learn about general
procedures.  Since your specific details may not be of general
interest, I will e-mail you and Dave Goldie off the list.

Danyll de Linccolne
Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com

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