[Hellsgate] making contact

STEPHEN STEGER knightslament at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 10 19:19:21 PDT 2012

While I was in attendance at Elfsea, I had the opportunity to sit and chat a while with Lady Elizabethe de Salisbiry (Heather Clark) whom I believe the majority of us who were at Steppes Warlord met. She asked me to pass along her hello's and well wishes for one and all.

My Lord Eric, I also told her of your wanting to discuss with her the Garb we were working on for me. I am off tomorrow(well at 6am i will be lol) and thursaday and would like to call on you, both based on the conversation I had as well as a follow up from the Heraldic display class you stated interest in, before social in the park. When would be good for you?  

aka Sphericlese
aka Rotundas

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